Alexander Joseph "Hawk" Callaway is a former bouncer and member of the San Francisco Resistance.


Alex Callaway was born to a military family in California. Unlike his younger sister, he remembers the Visitors much more vividly. Growing up, he originally wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Marines. As he got older, his reb


ellious nature and blatant disregard for authority seemed to put that in jeopardy.

Upon graduation of high school, he did enlist in the Marines. However, after completion of boot camp, he arrived at his first assignment...and was dishonorably discharged after a fistfight that left a 1st Lieutenant in intensive care. Only his father's influence kept him from jail time...but it officially severed ties between the two.

Alex bounced around from place to place, earning money in odd jobs wherever he could. He was in Las Vegas working as a bouncer, when he got more than a little rough with a belligerent customer. Unfortunately, the customer turned out to be a off-duty cop...and Alex found himself behind bars. He was in prison when his parents were killed...and was not allowed to attend the funeral.

After being released from prison, he headed up to the San Francisco area, where his little sister Ariel was working as an athletic trainer. He joined up with a local motorcycle gang and was moving up in the hierarchy...when the Visitors returned.


Alex is rebellious and anti-authority. While his outgoing persona is brash and obnoxious, he is much smarter than he lets on. He may appear as if he doesn't care about how his life and choices have affected his sister, but inside, he is deeply concerned for her well-being. He often plays the part of the muscle-bound ape...using the deception to his advantage. He is loyal to those he respects and cares for...although his loyalty is difficult to earn..

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 30
Height: 6'5
Hair: Jet Black

  • Joseph Callaway (Father, Colonel, USMC, retired, deceased)
  • Maria Callaway (Mother, school teacher, deceased)
  • Ariel Callaway (sister)

Distinguishing Marks: Multiple tattoos

Place of Birth: San Clemente, California


  • Firearm Training (Handguns, military weaponry)
  • Martial Arts/Hand-To-Hand Combat (Boxing, Combat Krav Maga, Jujitsu, Wrestling)
  • Silent Weapons (Knife Combat)
  • Automobiles/Motorcycles (Alex possesses decent mechanical skills...and is quite adept at hotwiring cars as well)

Played by Darrin