Cass is special agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) based in Seattle and, until recently, a World Liberation Front (WLF) sleeper operative. The Visitors' return has prompted her activation and she is currently making her way down to San Francisco with her partner (who happens to be her estranged husband), Jay Callahan.


Born and raised in Seattle, Cassandra Jane Morgan...

Happily married to Jay for a number of years, a traumatic case involving the shooting of a child threw her husband into a downward spiral of depression and alcohol abuse, which pushed the pair apart. Separated for the past year, she has learned via family members and work colleagues that he has since cleaned up his act and sought out help. As relieved as she is to know this, it is also a blow as, shutting her out, he refused her help so steadfastly for months before she was forced to walk out on him and their marriage, no longer able to watch him self-destruct.



Former parters at the ATF, their boss knows how well they can work together. When Resistance activity in San Francisco becomes apparent, Jay and Cass are sent on a road trip to Northern California with the mandate of making contact with whoever is running the unofficial local cell. They are also tasked with stopping to check on known WLF operatives on the way down the coast - some they find alive and well, and others not so.

The difficult journey is made worse by the couple having to be in close quarters again after many months of separation, where trust and relationship have been broken. Cass finds herself still attracted to him, knows she still loves him, but tries to keep rapport strictly professional.


Cass is...


AGE: 31

HEIGHT: 5'3"

HAIR: Light brown

EYES: Brown


PLACE OF BIRTH: Seattle, Washington



  • Father - Stanley
  • Mother - Alice
  • Sister - Tammy
  • Husband - Jay Callahan


  • Bachelor degree
  • 27-week training program, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, Georgia

Played by dolarabee.