Guy La Rue is the owner of the night club called the Fault Line and a secret collaborator with the San Francisco Resistance.


Guy La Rue was in fact born Irwin Schlatterly from Hoboken, New Jersey. He was the third of a family of six and the only one not to be interested in the family's toilet seat factory family business. Although some claim that Guy came out when he was a teenager, the truth was as far as Guy was concerned, he was always out and everyone tried not to notice. Selecting the stage name of Guy La Rue, based on a 30s black and white villain in a movie called the Broken Queen (Guy felt the title was misleading), he moved to Las Vegas where he peformed a comedy skit extoling the virtues of being gay and having good skin.

When Guy's father was killed in an accidental toilet seat incident, the family opted to sell the business and go in to manufacturing instead. Guy received his cut and realised that the tool and dye opportunity his family tried to get him to come into was not for him.

Instead, he moved to San Francisco where he purchased a night club on the Marina because those guys in Castro Street were so out, they were almost in the next state. The night club which initially catered for a gay clientele changed its direction following the arrival of the Visitors. Guy opened the place to everyone including the Visitors, cultivating contacts with William and providing a neutral environment.

As one of the few clubs that are still open, Guy also started bringing in live acts such as the Benders to attract 'Generation XY and V' (V for Visitors). Secretly however, he abhors anyone who thinks jackboots and red is a good colour combination and may support the Resistance for this purpose alone.

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The Fault Line

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The Bar at the Fault Line