Jade is formerly a Sirian shock trooper of the Visitor Army. She is presently a member of the San Francisco Resistance.

Early History

Born on Sirius as the second child of a military couple, Jade was well sheltered. He older sibling always very protective, the girl thought no harm could come to her. This changed when both their parents were killed in a tragic accident during training. Her older sibling, the Science of Officer of the San Francisco Mothership Sybill, being of age already, took custody over her hand raised her, making them very close. An order to be transferred to Earth, separated the siblings and left Jade in the care of an old family friend.


Extremely mischievous, Jade often acts before thinking and gets quite often into trouble. Usually her older sibling getting her out of it. She however loves teasing and playing tricks on her sibling, little harmless things of course for she utterly adores and loves her older sibling. She is very softhearted and caring and can be very serious if must be. Jade loves to laugh and make others around her laugh as well....which she usually succeeds in. Having witnessed her parents death, she is often tormented by the memory.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 17
Height: 1.64m
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue

  • Mother – Unknown
  • Father – Unknown
  • Sister– Sybill

Distinguishing Marks? Noneq
Place of Birth: Sirius
Professional Occupation: Shock Trooper


  • Military school

Played by Kim