John Holiday is Mayor of San Francisco and father to Olivia Holiday.


Professor John Holiday holds phds in both psychology and sociology and focused his research on the gestalt of communities as a social organism. He was a Professor at the University of California at Berkeley when the Visitors arrived on earth the first time. He was appointed by the Governor of California to be on of the liaisons with the alien culture. His association with the Visitors continued even after their true intentions where revealed and he proved to be a valuable asset to the Visitors during their occupation. He even went so far to prove his loyalty as to allow his wife to be taken to one of the internment camps.

After the defeat of the Visitors John was imprisoned in the California Supermax facility for his war crimes and collaboration with the enemy. He was released upon the Visitors return and is currently acting as Mayor of San Francisco, once again joined but his seemingly loyal daughter.


While he often comes across as cold an calculating, John Holiday is a master of manipulation. He is capable of twisting the unwary into actions they never intended on taking or making you believe that what until moments ago to be a lie is the truth. He understands the use of fear and intimidation and does not hesitate in the use of it to further his agenda. He knows that the one thing a conqueror can never allows their subjects is hope and to that end he plans to eradicate the Resistance in Northern California and remind the citizens of San Francisco who is the true power.

Created by Fatey and Eva