Leah is a Sirian officer with the Visitor Army and a secret member of the Fifth Column.

Early HistoryEdit

Leah, like most of her generation of Visitors, was conceived during the heady days of the early 'assistance' of Earth and hatched during the 'relocation' to Jovian orbit. Even then, the Visitors were preparing for a return to Earth, and Leah's education (gained during the brief ascendancy of a relatively human-friendly faction on her mothership) focused on a more subtle form of subversion than that practiced the first time around. The best way to control humans, it was reasoned, was to give them just enough to overcome their doubts. To that end, Leah was trained in the how-to of various archaic Visitor technologies with the aim of doling them out to the even more archaic humans.
And then the project was cancelled around four years ago, and the architects executed or demoted. Leah was shuffled off to learn English, an assignment of considerably less difficulty. During the years between the re-assignment and the return to Earth, Leah used her copious spare time to learn more about Earth cultures. The more she saw, the more she wanted to see. But it wasn't safe to be indiscreet, so most of what she learned came from Earth broadcasts the mothership received.
This did not really provide any semblance of a meaningful education. When the day came, Leah decided she owed it to herself to do better, and since the return, she's taken every available opportunity to learn more about Earth people - while there are still any to learn from.


There's no equivalent phrase to "curiosity killed the cat" among Visitors, which is a shame, since Leah could probably use the advice. Her efforts into learning more about humanity haven't been as discreet as they could be, but Leah has rationalized it away so far. Besides, she's not actually doing any harm to the Visitor program. Humans are just interesting, and the more you know about them, the better you can handle them. That's what she tells herself, anyway, although 'handle' sometimes get replaced with 'help' more and more in her brain these days. Leah knows *that* is a dangerous thought, but it won't go away.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 25
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Family: None
Distinguishing Marks? None
Place of Birth: Visitor Mothership 5
Professional Occupation: Assistant Information File Handler, Second Class


  • Advanced Retrograde Information Systems Cadre
  • Human Language Study Cadre

Played by Paul