Olivia Holiday is a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle and a secret member of the San Francisco Resistance movement.


Olivia was born during the height of Visitor occupation the only child of John and Elizabeth Holiday. Her father had been one of the original liaisons before the Visitors had dropped

John Holiday

their ruse and become conquerors. Even after the Visitors showed their true colours her father continued their relationship with them. Her mother publicly denounced him and was placed in an interment camp, once Olivia was born the child was removed the camp and brought to her father, growing up in relative comfort and stability, given her father's status.

The eventual human victory ended both her relationship with her father and her parents marriage. Her father while spared execution was sentenced to a lengthy term of incarceration for his collaboration with the enemy . Olivia was reunited with her mother at the age of five after the war hand ended . She spent the rest of her childhood in Los Angeles where her mother took a teaching position at the University of Southern California. Olivia was a bright and curious child and teenager. She had a few minor scraps with the law especially when her father's identity came to light and a curious and adventurous nature. She seemed to out grow most of those issues as she matured and went from teen to adult.

She attended Stanford University graduating with a degree in Journalism and Political Science. She stayed in the bay area working first for the San Mateo Daily where after several years she uncovered a an over time scandal among city workers who were defrauding the tax payers. That story brought her to the attention of the of the San Francisco Chronicle's City Desk Editor who brought her into the prestige's paper and put her on the crime and City Hall beat.


Olivia is a mostly normal person with a few character flaws. She carries a great deal of guilt over her father's actions during the occupation and the fact that while her mother and other children her age suffered she did not. This guilt has given rise to a obsessive desire to find the truth, especially the ugly truth. She seldom considers the damage she might do to innocents who get tangled up in those dark truths. Olivia, perhaps not oddly, suffers from a moderate to strong case of Herptophobia, the fear of reptiles.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Height: 5'5”
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

  • John Holiday Father Political Science Professor U.C. Berkeley
  • Elizabeth Holiday Mother English Professor U.S.C.

Distinguishing Marks? None
Place of Birth: Berkley California
Professional Occupation: Reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle


  • B.A. In Journalism and Political Science
  • CPR Certification
  • Basic self-defense course
  • Can pick a lock
  • Avid Camper (decent wilderness survival skills)
  • Excellent investigative and research skills
  • Well Connected in the city government and police force (but not necessarily well liked)

Played by Eva