The Benders are a rock band. On their way to make it big, the Visitors' return messed that up for them. They can currently be seen rocking the Fault Line in San Francisco.

Band MembersEdit

The band was founded by old time friends, Mick and Davey. The other musicians soon joined via ads and auditions over the course of the following months, with Stevie coming onboard last.

Original line-up:

  • Mia 'Stevie' Stevens - Voice, guitar
  • Noah Greer - Guitar, keyboards
  • Cage Jensen - Guitar
  • Davey Braun - Bass
  • Mick Fisher - Drums

Current Line-upEdit

With the loss of Cage and Davey, the rest of the band never thought they would play again as The Benders. But life works in mysterious ways and, after being put in contact with Guy La Rue at the Fault Line, they found themselves onstage again.

Open auditions brought Jimmy Dreja in and, as they all meshed very well (some more than others), Jimmy joined the band as their new bassist.

New line-up:

Original Benders played by Dolarabee; Dredge played by Scribe.