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Thirty years ago, aliens came to our world.

In city-sized saucer shaped vessels called ‘motherships’, they hovered over every major city in the globe, from Los Angeles to Sydney. They called themselves Visitors.

Human like in appearance, they claimed to have come from a dying world, a world lacking a chemical compound that was useless to Earth but vital to repairing their damaged ecology. In exchange, they would give humanity the benefit of their advanced technology.

A bond of trust was established.

But it was a bond based on lies.

The Visitors were soon entrenched in all aspects of human society. Secretly conditioning world leaders under a mind control process called ‘conversion’, they were here for the most precious substance on Earth.

The water.

However, that was only the first of many lies. Hidden under flawless human masks, the Visitors were reptilian beings whose purpose was to strip the Earth of every resource and harvest the human population as food.

With the assistance of a Visitor fifth column, human Resistance movements across the globe fought for three long years to drive off the Visitor occupation.

That was twenty-six years ago.

It was only a matter of time before the Visitors came back.

The GameEdit

This is a Play By Email Role Playing Game (PBEM) based on ‘V’ the Original Mini-series and ‘V’ the Final Battle. The storyline picks up 23 years following the events of Final Battle and is set in San Francisco. Knowledge of the original mini-series is helpful but not essential. While some canon characters will be referenced in the game, this RPG will concentrate on originals whose stories have yet to be told.

V is about ordinary characters who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances, forced to defend their very existence.

This is a game is rated +18 for adult themes. Writing samples of no less than two paragraphs are required.

If interested in joining this game, pleae visit us at V: New Generation

Disclaimer: All things V belong to CBS and Warner Brothers, no copyright infringement is intended.

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